Oregon Criminal Defense

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General Information:

Criminal defense is my primary area of practice. I have extensive experience in all kinds of criminal defense cases including: duii, drug charges, sex crimes, homicide cases, white collar crimes, property crimes, person crimes.  My knowledge, experience, and relationships within the criminal justice system will benefit you and your defense.

What to do if you are being investigated for or charged with a criminal offense in Oregon:

For every criminal charge: First and foremost, do not consent to any searches or interrogations with law enforcement without first talking to a lawyer.  Law enforcement personnel are trained to get you to lower your defenses; this oftentimes results in a person incriminating himself by accident.

Trust me: if law enforcement is talking to you about a crime, they have usually already decided you are guilty. Nothing you say or do will likely change that, but hiring an experienced defense attorney to advocate for you might.

For DUII investigations: Politely refuse to participate in the field sobriety tests, but always perform the breath test or you will lose your driver’s license for a year and face an additional violation with up to a $650 fine.

For Sex Crime allegations: NEVER agree to do a polygraph test without first discussing it with a lawyer.  These kinds of charges can destroy your future – special care must be taken in these cases. We can investigate your case – the allegations, surrounding events, witnesses, etc. – and help you decide if a polygraph is in your best interests.

These kinds of charges are treated very harshly under Oregon law. Additionally, the ramifications of being accused run over into your private, professional, and social life. Talk to no one about the details of a charge or allegation until you meet with an experienced attorney.  Contact our office to schedule a consultation.

For Homicide allegations: Depending on the underlying facts, this charge can result in a life sentence or even a death sentence. Although Oregon is currently observing a moratorium on death sentences, that can change with little notice.  Immediate and zealous defense is necessary.

I have defended approximately 40 homicide cases in my 19 years of experience. Those cases include murder, manslaughter and aggravated murder charges.  Read about a 2012 murder case here: http://theworldlink.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/andrew-davenport-acquitted-of-murder-charges/article_9c24acb8-0185-11e3-8a70-001a4bcf887a.html