Personal Injury Attorney in Medford OR.

img_4749We know that injuries resulting from an accident can greatly impact your life.  We are here to help accident victims deal with the insurance companies who are trained to settle claims for the least amount of money possible.

Oftentimes victims without an attorney end up with not even enough money to cover the damages done to property (like your car) and medical bills, leaving the injured party in a financial hole by no fault of their own.  Don has 19 years of settlement negotiation experience and will use his skills to get victims the compensation they deserve.

We never represent insurance companies.  We only represent accident victims; they are our priority. Contact Don today to schedule your consultation.

Many accident victims think their injury is too minor to seek compensation; or have been ignored by the insurance company because the company figures they will just go away.  This is not true. We can help victims get compensated for their loss, no matter the size of the loss.

Payment for Accident cases:
All personal injury consultations are free.

We never charge an attorney fee up front like a traditional case.  Our fee is paid by taking a percentage of the recovery in a case; it is contingent upon obtaining a settlement for the victim.  Accident Victims may need to pay some expenses along the way, however (subpoena service expenses, deposition expenses – if necessary, filing fees – if necessary, and other minor costs).  It is possible to negotiate the advancement of these fees from our office.  Sometimes fees can later be repaid out of any recovery in the case. 

Some things everyone should do after a car accident:

  • Call for emergency assistance
  • Avoid moving your car or changes to the accident scene until police arrive or direct you to do otherwise
  • Get the names, addresses and license plate numbers of the other driver or drivers, as well as a description of each vehicle
  • Exchange insurance information
  • Locate any passengers or witnesses, and collect their information
  • Take pictures of the accident scene
  • Get a police report, even if you are not injured
  • Ask where your car is going, if it is being towed
  • If you are injured, contact our office before talking to any insurance company, including your own
  • Save notes about the accident and records of hospital or doctor visits that prove your injury
  • Make notes on your post-accident injury healing experience